Selasa, 11 Disember 2012

problems . . ??? OH NOOO !!

please don't !!!

yeahhh . . i know you have a problem . but please ! please , please and please!! don't say like that ! it's too much for me !
Firstly, i hope that i meet you will release my tension, my stress . . with your advice , your laughing, and anything . . but that is so disappointed to me !! i know you have a problem , but maybe that is too much , but i'm also have a problems, but my taste is not like that. . if i have a problem , i will take a few of time to release my tension or just be alone and then try to find out how i want to solve it . . then lastly , i'm back my room with nothing !! hurmmmm . . please . i know you are really stress . but please don't say like that . i'm so sad to hear it anymore !! i love you so much my mom !! isk3 . . :'(

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