Selasa, 11 Disember 2012

problems . . ??? OH NOOO !!

please don't !!!

yeahhh . . i know you have a problem . but please ! please , please and please!! don't say like that ! it's too much for me !
Firstly, i hope that i meet you will release my tension, my stress . . with your advice , your laughing, and anything . . but that is so disappointed to me !! i know you have a problem , but maybe that is too much , but i'm also have a problems, but my taste is not like that. . if i have a problem , i will take a few of time to release my tension or just be alone and then try to find out how i want to solve it . . then lastly , i'm back my room with nothing !! hurmmmm . . please . i know you are really stress . but please don't say like that . i'm so sad to hear it anymore !! i love you so much my mom !! isk3 . . :'(

::[MONAVIE]:: (o.O)

From powerful antioxidant support to joint, heart, and immune health, MonaVie body-beneficial products provide the nutrition you need for a healthy and active lifestyle.Delivering a wide array of antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients, as well as other beneficial ingredients like Wellmune®, plant-derived glucosamine, and plant sterols, every serving is as efficacious as it is delicious.

Physician Andrew Weil and nutritionist Jonny Bowden claim that the nutritional and health benefits of MonaVie juice are not proven and that the product is exorbitantly priced relative to more cost-effective conventional polyphenol-rich foods. Weil and Bowden also criticized the product for being sold through multi-level marketing.According to Men's Journal, a nutritional analysis showed that MonaVie Active juice "tested extremely low in anthocyanins and phenolics" and that "even apple juice (which also tested poorly) has more phenolics" The report also noted that "MonaVie’s vitamin C level was 5 times lower than that of Welch’s Grape juice ", a product priced at a fraction of the cost of MonaVie for the same serving volume. Ralph Carson, the original developer of Monavie and the company’s chief science officer cautioned that the juice was "expensive flavored water and that “any claims made are purely hypothetical, unsubstantiated and, quite frankly, bogus,". Carson added "if you were to ask me how much acai is in the product, I do not know."

Selasa, 4 Disember 2012


Twitt !! Twitt !! That is short term for Twitter . . haha . But . . . . from the above picture , this is a "Durian Crepe" !! Creeppe !! Creeppe !! hehehe . . Small, cute, nice and that is sooo delicious !! All of you have to try it , okeyh !! Enjoy it by yourself !! (^_*)")

Isnin, 3 Disember 2012



Have you ever wondered why movies are so obsessed with clones? Sometimes it's the only technology that will let you tell the story you have in mind -- an evil corporation needs to farm spare body parts, or the Alien franchise needs to clone Ripley back to life. But other times, like with the clone armies of the Star Warsprequels or the Jurassic Park scientists going out of their way to say that they're cloning the dinosaurs, it's almost like blockbuster movies are just looking for an excuse to get the concept of cloning into the mix. In real life, clones are pretty boring. Cloned sheep are the same as regular sheep, and on its surface, even human cloning is only as interesting as identical twins.

Blowing Academic Theory

"You freeloading penguins had better make this up to us."

Nope! The best possible outcome is that all the other countries stick to their promise to stop using fossil fuels except for you. If you keep using gasoline to power your coffee maker and all those other countries do the hard work of developing cars with stupid little windmills all over them, everyone gets to keep living here, and your country has a huge economic advantage over the rest of them.
So, assuming that everyone else holds up their end of the bargain, the best possible outcome for your country is to screw them all over.
The worst possible outcome overall is that you do the right thing and nobody else does. You stick to the agreement and take the economic hit of weaning your country off of fossil fuels, but all the other countries are secretly making a bunch of jerk-off hand motions to each other during your conference calls. You get poorer and the Earth keeps dying. That's an F- for you.

<< open your mind >>

Sometimes we feel what we see that is only solely play. But if our heart moulded with colours and murmur that is good and beautiful, all will definitely so good and beautiful. Sometimes, we cannot behave without think what will happen on results that we do. Sometimes also what is going on so hard but to having thought extensive and think positive deeply. Must not be easy to say "give up" !! 

Nice to eat durian. Maybe now is durian season, right?? Wherever I go, I seee there are so many manufacturers sell durian. Durian oh durian. It's local fruit, and dubbed as "Raja Buah". In Malaysia only that there is. Really delicious!! Eating together with family in village also nice and interesting! huhuhu . . 

Sabtu, 1 Disember 2012

~without words~

Sometimes what we feel could not be expressed through words, but enough just with way and someone's style. Because for her, she just accept only to fate God. And can be expressed through teardrop.Tearfullycould calm down feeling that woundPeople say, "Just crying until you really cool.". Hurmmm . . So enormity Allah's creation that make everything. huhuu . . :')

::HoLidAy dOzEn dOnUt::

Nyummy2!! That is very delicious!! Although looks small, but satisfied eaten with theme various variety flavourscolour and patternHighly satisfyingI like it!! Just try first, want to eat them more and more. Yeaayy !! Thanks so much to my parents'affection. Without themI do not give a chance to taste this a "cute donut". hehehe . . (^_*)")

Selasa, 27 November 2012

<< OpSs !! My sEcUrity gUaRd at hOmE ???hehehe >>

HeRe. . i'M witH my yOuNgEr siSteR . . wHerEver i go, wHatEver and wHenEver i do , of cOuRse sHe is aLways being my sUpEr top gUaRd witHout wages . . haHaha . . lovE hEr soOo mUch my littLe swEet yoUnger sistEr !! hOpe yOu aRe aLso bE yOurS wHen i'm gOnNa say goOd bye [paSsed aWay..] hehehe .. peAaccEee . . ~  =P

Isnin, 26 November 2012

<<[truth story]>>

The love could not be forced and cannot has to. Come with on its own.  Because it determine felicities life and our future. This a story from my friend that has to foster engagement bond with a person thats called "a man". In fact, she es not be in love with him. Upon arrival period want to marry, that man decide engagement to other woman. Very cruel that man !! ~~ Be patient my friend ! This a test for you. Accept them with sincere. Surely there is meaning. (take lesson from this story, okay? Don't play heart and sentiment others if heart not ready to do. . .  ) hmmmm . .

>>Run Night<< [23 nov]

After tired run but not same as runner champion, pictorial proudly that we said "we are winner!!". But aCtualLy, that is instEaD ~ hahaha . . (^_^') pEaCeee !!

:: EveRytHing is Okay ::

Don't be sad.. everything that happen there are have the meanings.. just smile ... okay ??? ~~

LIKE THIS !!!! hehehe . . (^_*)")
see!! that is more better , right ?? hehe . . (^_^) 
use creativity from chicken bones were being eaten to build a appearence imagination face...see!!what do you think about that picture??scaring.....right???hahaha.. (^_("))

OrphAnS' prOgrAmMeS . . ^^

:: tHis pictUre is in oRpHaNs' prOgrAmMes tHat tHey wEre eNjOyed tHeir aCtivities . . :: =)

wOww !! soOoOo cutezzz !! (^_(")) ~

Lets to watch it ! that can make you to enjoy and laugh from this video . . watch now . oO yeahh !! heHehEe . . (o.O,)

::mandarin:: (>.<)

Lets tO LeaRn in MaNdarin LaNguAge !! have fun ! hehehe . . . (^_*) yi , er , san, si , wu, liu . . . ?? hUhuHu . . (^_^)")

Selasa, 20 November 2012

<< HaPp!est FaM!Ly >>  (^_*) ~~

miss them so much !!they are looking sooo happy although they are . . . ?? ^^ ~

Selasa, 2 Oktober 2012

<< a CutE Of !nsEcts >>

i jUst mEet a cHarLie !! eRrRr . . it's scAred !! i caLLed oNe of my hOusemAte tO pUt sOme of tHe saLotApe tO pUt on tHe cHarLie ! hAha . . finaLLy , its die . . kih , kih , kih . . fOr tHe sAfe stEp , wE mUst bE aWare it !! dOn't iGnOre aBout tHat ! bE cAreFuL !! Oke !! (^_^)")

::[eXpLoRaCe's dAy]:: 30th Sept 2012

tHank yOu fOr aLL Of my fRiEnDs bEcAuse yOu aLL have givEs yOuR wHoLe cOopEratiOn in oUr tEams . I LovE yOu aLL !! tHanKs sOo mUch . aLthOugh wE aRe juSt in oNe tEam fOr a wHilLe , bUt i fEeL wE are knOws eAch OthEr fOr a LoNg time aGo . hEhe . . =)  hOpe , wE migHt to mEet aNd bE tOgeTher aGain fOr tHe nExt tiMe , nExt aCtivitiEs . . . OritE !!   (^_^)

~ p!ctUreS !n FBM's pRogRaMs ~ (^_^) [29th sept 2012]

pOsinG . . pOsinG . . sMiLeEeEe  . . . aRe yOu rEady ?? 1 , 2 , 3 . . fLash !! haHa . . tHat's piCtuReS aRe wHen wE wEre wAitEd fOr FBM's pRogRaMs . . LoOk !! thEre are sOo cUte piCtUres !! hEk , hEk , hEk . .  =P

GatEwAy tO eXceLLeNt !! [29th sept 2012]

tHis piCtUre i've gOt laSt sAtUrday , 29th sept 2012 wHen i've an tHe aCtiVities in Faculty of Business Management . . tHat's fun and making me tO oPen oUr mind aBoUt bUsinEss . . insya-ALLAH . . =)

Jumaat, 28 September 2012

LeAv!Ng facEbOok , mOv!es & sLeEp!ng, jUst tO be tHerE w!Th thEm aNd suPpOrt by thE hOt dR!nks cOffee..hEhehEe..

<<EcOnomiCs' bOok & exErciSes>>

my hOmewOrk tHat i mUst to dO it tOnigHt !! huHuUu . . !!! =D

~ jUst feeL !n tHe dReAms ~

hOoRayy !! i'vE jUst dOne my aCcOunt bAnk IsLam !! hUhuHu !! =D bUt . . i'd caM3 my acCount cLasS soOo LatE !! ish3 . . ( ^_*) after a fEw miNutes , my cLaSs is fiNished ! wOw !! nEvEr to dReaM it yEt foR a wHiLe . jUstcOme aNd sit aNd wRite sOme inForMatiOn frOm oVer thE wHite bOard , jUst tHat all fOr thE cLass . . bUt. . we've to rEpLacemEnt cLasS !! huUu . . ~~ (^_^")

...staRe deEply...oRpHan's pRogRaMs...

fOr tHe grOup 1, gEt reAdy fOr Our sErvices fOr heLp thEm by oUr activities in grOup fOod . FoOd is impOrtant in oUr life . withOut fOod , wE aRe nOt hAve eNergy . sOoOo , wE are inviting yOu aLL to cOme and bUy sOme SpEaciaL fOod foR Our hEaLth !! wE aRe cOming sOon !! (" (^_^)")

Khamis, 27 September 2012

<< cHaLLeNges uR miNd >> (^_^)

how you can make people to believe you just for a while ?? how ?? think . .  and continue to think it . . ermmm . . ?? take five ! ermmmmm . . the answer is . . . " I'm also don't know the answer for that question !! hahaha . . peaceeee . . " ~~ (^_*)")

May ALLAH aLwAys Be wiTh me . .

I'm always pray to ALLAH so that I can facing anything  my work nicely without any negative issues . . hmmmm . . . I BLESS TO ALLAH !!  =')

<< hOt'zZz >>

yesterday , at 12.30pm , my class have meeting about our activities for the orphan children . we have separated by the group . then , i got a food's group ! WOW !! fooooodd . . haha . it's interesting ! so , we would like to invite you all to come our stall . . (^_^)

Isnin, 24 September 2012

WeLcOme tO my L!fe (^_^)

 hurmmm . . about 3 days ago , I didn't opened my blog . my blog is silent for a while . hehehe . . =P but now . . .   i'm back !! =D HELLO MY BLOG ! HELLO RAI'S BLOG !! welcome , welcome !! just sharing together . . =) miss u sooo muchhhh mallow !! kui3 . . (^_*)

Jumaat, 21 September 2012

tiK tOk tiK tOk . . ~~

now. . i'm so stress .. arrgghhhh !! but i really hope, this blog will giving me and making me a smile thats you (blog) now are my bezzzfren..hehehehe... :D totally now , i just have moody about. ...hurmmmm . . "opss!!that is secret!!" ..ngeee :P but i think, that is personal things .. just keep it secret okeyh ?? ... :D  hurmmm ... :'(

stAy uP ??? NOOOO !!!

doing the tutorial untill midnight . . huuhuuu . .

yOu dOn't knOw , i dO it jUst foR yoU . . . huHh

just hear the songs , online facebook , download..i want to download ringtone, they request me my phone number . . then, i just give my phone number to them confidently...i never know that i have to pay some credit for them !! huhhh .. now, i'm lose my credit . . OMG !! :(

wHeRe aRe yOu?.?.? (0_0)

i'm really don't know .why she is so different before this ?? after that happened , she is so silent with me and never again hear my story . when i'd posted my sad story at the wall's facebook, she is "like". but . .... when i'd posted my good story ,she didn't care it . . but i'm just allowed them . . thats her right . i'm still waiting for her . . i miss her so much . hurmmmm . . . :'( :'(

Khamis, 20 September 2012

FaSt FoOd . .
nyum-2 !! it's soooo delicious !! although just "Mamee Bihoon Vegetarian" , but it's satisfied ! but i can't to finish it anymore ! my stomach can't to accept them . haha . . peaceeee ~~ (^_*)

today's activity

i'm just beginning to learn about the blog.. kih3... ;P