Selasa, 2 Oktober 2012

::[eXpLoRaCe's dAy]:: 30th Sept 2012

tHank yOu fOr aLL Of my fRiEnDs bEcAuse yOu aLL have givEs yOuR wHoLe cOopEratiOn in oUr tEams . I LovE yOu aLL !! tHanKs sOo mUch . aLthOugh wE aRe juSt in oNe tEam fOr a wHilLe , bUt i fEeL wE are knOws eAch OthEr fOr a LoNg time aGo . hEhe . . =)  hOpe , wE migHt to mEet aNd bE tOgeTher aGain fOr tHe nExt tiMe , nExt aCtivitiEs . . . OritE !!   (^_^)

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